OSMF – The Promise of Prefab Player Dev

SKOL! Here’s to a group of my very expert and accomplished Adobe colleagues who launched the 1.0 of the Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) today.

For an explanation by me of what this thing is, please watch the embedded video below of me yakkin’ from Beet.TV (this is the15-pounds-heavier version of me back in November ’09, during the rainy SF winter when my main form of exercise — biking to work — does not happen).

Basically, OSMF makes it very easy for you to build complex Video Players for your Website. All the hard work is already done for you. There are already projects like OSMF App Studio which offer ways to create your own players with “drag and drop ease.”

If you are a web designer or developer whose customers want/need Online Video, this could be very meaningful to you.

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