Adobe TV Community Translation and Professional Translators

Hi Folks:

I’d like to offer some more background on the Adobe TV Community Translation program, and respond to some of the concerns recently expressed to me.

We actually do employ paid, professional translators to translate our content into French, German, and Japanese.  This content can be found at,, and, respectively.

We have no plans to discontinue the use of paid, professional translators, whose services we value tremendously.  We dedicate a tremendous amount of resources to professional translation.  In fact, it is one of the single largest line-items in the Adobe TV budget.

Our goal for Community Translation is not to replace professional translation. We are not seeking out professional translators and asking them to work for free.  Our goal is to give Adobe product users a way to help people in their countries who do not speak English.  We want to extend the availability of our content to people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to benefit from it, mainly in those countries where Adobe does not provide localized learning content.

We believe Community Translation is an appropriate supplement to, not replacement for, the professional translations we already do.

8 Responses to Adobe TV Community Translation and Professional Translators

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  2. IT 小鸿 says:

    I agree with you!
    The reason why I volunteer to the translation is also that I want more Chinese to benefit from the Adobe TV.

  3. PECourtejoie says:

    Exactly, when I first saw that, I immediately thought that some would see it as crowdsourcing.
    My point of view is that, like many others, I have helped others learn Photoshop online on many communities for free for 10+ years, despite the fact that some run a business doing that.

    The “officially” translated videos are sometimes dubbed, or some are complete new scenarios and demos.

    The subtitling effort is mainly done to bring very good free resources to some that do not master other languages than their own one.

  4. PECourtejoie says:

    Bob, I noticed that there is a CC column on the list of videos, unforunately, it seems that that the column is never populated, (Tried on Explorer, or Safari/Chrome) but it would be really useful for us translators, to notice what videos are available for translation.