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Adobe TV On These Screens? Believe It!

We just launched Adobe TV Mobile, which means you can now watch all your favorite Adobe TV videos on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phone, and Android tablet.  Simply visit from your tablet or phone and you’ll be automatically re-directed to an optimized experience for your device.

Why did we do this? Plain and simple, it is by far the #1 feature request from our audience. And it was no small task.  I am really proud of what my team has accomplished with this, and once I’ve gotten some sleep I’ll be sharing some of the challenges we faced in pulling this off.

But, to be honest, this post has an additional intent, other than the self-promotional aspect. I want to emphasize the following: we added iPad/iPhone support because our customers asked for it. It’s that simple. There’s no subtext related to Flash, which we continue to use to deliver our content onto Flash-supported devices. We believe in delivering our content to all platforms and devices that are meaningful to our audience. We also believe in using our own tools, the best authoring tools on the planet, to create cross-platform, cross-device experiences.

We hope you enjoy Adobe TV mobile. Please let me know your impressions in the comments!