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I’m Your Puppet

When I began recruiting Adobe presenters to appear on Adobe TV, one of the first to put their hand up and say “yes, please” was Karl Miller, a.k.a. Johnny Encore. Karl had been an Evangelist over at Serious Magic and amongst his many talents he is the lead singer and songwriter of a Star Trek band. Yes, you heard that right — Karl’s band Warp 11 play songs about Star Trek, wear the uniforms, and appear in music videos on a set of the star ship Enterprise.


They’re very well known in the Trekkie universe, so much so that during each NAB they hold a get-together at the Star Trek Experience in the Las Vegas Hilton which is well-attended by Warp 11 fans. I joined them at this year’s event to partake in neon-colored drinks served in fishbowls with dry ice on top. I did not feel so swell the next morning.

What could Karl possibly to do top this? Well, he started an Adobe band — not a band of Adobe employees, but a band that performs songs about Adobe. Johnny Encore and The Acrobats was born, and thus the premise of the Adobe TV series Short and Suite. Each episode features a new Acrobats video, which Adobe Evangelists Jason Levine and Karl Soulé then dissect to show how the song was recorded and the video created.

“Apparently it’s a blues video, not a blue video.”

This month’s episode of Short and Suite
features the music video for “I’m Your Puppet, I’m Your Tool” in which stills of the Acrobats were animated using the very popular Puppet Tool in After Effects CS3. Karl Soulé does a great job of explaining some of the advanced features of this tool, so if you’re interested in character animation do check this video out.

Behind The “Behind The Scenes”

A great resource if you’re just getting started with Adobe’s digital video & audio tools is the Adobe TV show Adobe Beginner Classes (hey, I managed to use “Adobe” three times in the one sentence — wait, that’s four times!).

Dennis Radeke, the host of the series (and one of Adobe’s top experts in the field) presents a new episode every 2 weeks. But if that’s not often enough for you, check out his “Bootleg Versions” which are shorter episodes created in a more “run and gun” style. Today on Adobe TV you can watch his first Bootleg Version, in which he shows how he places himself on a virtual set using Adobe Ultra CS3.


Ultra is an often-overlooked tool in CS3 Production Premium that came to Adobe by way of our acquisition of Serious Magic. It includes a virtual set library along with one of the most easy-to-use chroma keyers on the planet. It’s specifically designed to pull chroma keys on “less than optimal” footage.

Take a few minutes to watch the video and you’ll see how it all works.