Adobe TV: Open Discussion about Falcon and FalconJS

As you might already know Adobe hosted a Flex Community Summit in San Francisco early December this year. The recordings are now available at Adobe TV:

Flex Community Summit: December 2011

There is also a segment about Falcon and FalconJS that I recommend watching if you are interested in FalconJS:

Open Discussion about Falcon and FalconJS

Peter Flynn did a great job explaining FalconJS’s architecture and its current limitations in regards to cross-compiling Flex applications. I found interesting that the developers in the audience were eager to get the source code for FalconJS as soon as possible even though Adobe’s Flex team considers FalconJS for Flex an early research project.

If you watch the recording of the open discussion about FalconJS and Falcon you might walk away with the impression that FalconJS is extremely limited and barely working. I hope that’s not the case, because FalconJS, the cross-compiler, is working well and ready for integration into Adobe products and services. The parts that need a lot of work are FlashRT (the Flash Runtime implemented in ActionScript) and FlexJS (Peter’s work on cross-compiling the Flex framework classes to JavaScript) as well as support for MXML. In my opinion the discussion might have accidentally mixed the FalconJS cross-compiler together with other less refined parts.