Pew Pew for Metro

After almost three long months of writing about cross-compiling ActionScript to JavaScript I would like to start a new series of blog posts that is perhaps a little bit more entertaining but also contains information that you will hopefully find useful.

Yesterday Microsoft successfully launched the Windows Consumer Preview version of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. As part of this launch Microsoft also revealed eight winners of their First App Contest. Back in December Microsoft invited developers to write a Metro style app for the Microsoft App Store:

“You may recall we issued a challenge to developers to be among the very first to be featured in the Windows Store. Under tight deadlines, and limited only by their own imagination and creativity, they responded!”
Source:  Introducing the winners of the First Apps Contest

If you go to the Windows 8 First App Contest website and you scroll down a little bit you will find an app called Pew Pew and my name next to it. Yep, that’s me. I somehow managed to be one of the eight winners. In the following weeks I going to tell you about the crazy journey that eventually led to Pew Pew becoming one of the first apps in Microsoft’s App Store.


Pew Pew Chronicles

  1. December 2011
  2. Hello, Metro!
  3. From Flash To Flex
  4. Planning A Death March
  5. Ready, Steady, Go!
  6. Submitting to the App Store
  7. You are a winner!
  8. The Pew Pew Manifesto



2 Responses to Pew Pew for Metro

  1. Dean B says:


    Congratulations on being one of the eight winners of the App Contest. I’ve downloaded the Window 8 Preview and will be checking out the App.

    As you explain your journey it would be very helpful to understand what Adobe products you used when creating Pew Pew. Were you able to use FalconJS to cross compile from ActionScript to Javascript? Since Pew Pew was originally developed in ActionScript what were the Pros and Cons migrating the game to Javascript? Tons of questions… Very excited to ready about your journey and learn more.

    Thank you!

    • Bernd Paradies says:

      Hello Dean,

      thanks for your note. And yes, I will talk about the tools I used. Those are all good questions.
      I hope you’ll like my Pew Pew Chronicles.


      – Bernd