About Us

We are XD Brand.

XD is Adobe’s experience design organization. We are a small group of designers within XD whose task it is to:

  • Work closely with our Brand Strategy group to develop the broad strokes of the visual brand architecture—starting with the overall organization, and extending to product marks, colors, treatments, typography, etc.
  • Determine how that system will play our inside of our products. This includes brand points such as the product icon, launch experience / splash screen, installation experience, file icons, etc.
  • Create all of Adobe’s product marks.
  • Execute the actual assets for in-product use. We produce about 10,000 individual assets in a given year.
  • Advise and collaborate with other teams within Adobe on brand execution. Among these is the marketing department who produce all of our product imagery, including boxes, video, ads, and the like.

There seems to be endless curiosity about the work we do, and we’re hoping to have an ongoing dialog about it with you. We’re designers first, so our focus will be on design and process, but we hope that non-designers will find value here as well.

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