Lightroom replacing Bridge?

I have been hearing concerns from some customers that Lightroom will replace Bridge – this is definitely not the plan.
Lightroom is highly tailored for a pro photographer workflow – Bridge is designed to be the file management hub for the creative professional. Yes, yes there will be some overlap in areas such as DNG, Camera Raw, and metadata, but that is a good thing.
One way to think about it is, where the photographer workflow ends, the creative professional workflow begins. Bridge is focussed on being at the center of the creative workflow – for print, web and video.
Adobe’s approach to file and asset management is to be as open as possible since this drives interoperability. Almost all our applications support reading and writing of XMP – our open source metadata standard – as do many of our partner solutions. The more intelligence (metadata) we put in the file, the more intelligent and efficient workflows we can empower. And the more choices you will have as a consumer.
Bridge Product Manager

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