Bridge and Adobe Production Studio

Last Tuesday Adobe launched the Adobe Production Studio which includes new versions of your favorite dynamic media applications: Adobe After Effects 7.0, Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Adobe Audition 2.0, Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 and Adobe Bridge. Wait a minute. Bridge? Yes, Bridge is now also the digital asset hub for dynamic media pros.
So, is there a new version of Bridge? And what does it mean if you have both the Creative Suite and Production Studio on your machine?
Well, no, it’s not a new version. The latest version of Bridge is still 1.0.3 (if you don’t have it already, you can download the free update for Mac OS or Windows).
However, there are some new features in Bridge when running with the Production Studio. How do we do it? With something we call “feature clipping”: based on the serial numbers and products you have activated on your machine, various features get enabled or not. For example, if you’ve purchased the Creative Suite, you’ll see the Color Settings synchronization dialog and Bridge Center. Only if you have Illustrator installed will you see commands related to Illustrator. That way, you get an app that’s relevant to you.
When designing Bridge we’ve given a lot of thought to keep things simple and avoiding putting in your face features that are not relevant to you. For example, only when you click on a PDF file will you see a controller that allows you to go through all its pages. If you never use PDF files (say it ain’t so!), that feature never gets in your way.
In addition, Bridge is extensible via a rich Javascript scripting API. This allows us to add new commands and features without making changes to the core application.
Having a single core application allows us to keep it simple for you and for us: you have a single app to kepp track off, not multiple “variants”, you can use the same app with any combination of products you want, and we can put all our resources on testing and improving an app that benefits all our customers.
So, what are the new features in Bridge with the Production Studio? If you invoke Bridge from Premiere, for example, double-click of files of any type and they will be imported in Premiere, instead of their usual application. This is a feature we call “Smart Import”. The code-name for that feature was “who’s your daddy?”, but for some reason someone thought “Smart Import” was better… 🙂
You’ll also notice that the animation presets and templates have an animated preview: we’re using XMP to embed an animated-GIF preview, and play it back in Bridge.
When the Production Studio is installed, Bridge will also extract metadata from dynamic media files, such as Quicktime .mov.
So, give Bridge a go with the new Production Studio and let us know what you think and what you’d like to see in future versions.

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