Reveal in Bridge

When using Bridge, you can select a file or folder and use the File > Reveal in Finder/Explorer command to view the item using the Finder or Explorer. But sometimes, you’d like to be able to get access to Bridge from within the Finder or Explorer.
There’s a couple of ways to do this.
If Bridge is already running, you can drop an item (file or folder) onto the Preview pane in Bridge. Bridge will switch to that item’s location. On Mac OS X, you can also drop an item on the Bridge icon (whether Bridge is running or not) and this will also reveal that item in Bridge.
If you are using Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), you can install an Automator Plugin at the following path: ~/Library/Workflows/Applications/Finder/. This will add a “Reveal in Bridge” command to the Finder contextual menu.
If you are using Windows, download this .reg file and double-click it. It will modify the Windows registy to add a new “Reveal in Bridge” command to Windows Explorer’s contextual menu.
Arno Gourdol.
Adobe Bridge Engineering Manager.

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