Bridge 1.0.4 Update Available via AUM

The 1.0.4 update for Bridge is now available via the Adobe Updater.
Launch Adobe Bridge and select Help > Updates. This will launch the Adobe Updater to check for available updates. The 1.0.4 update requires 1.0.3 since it is a patcher rather than a full install.
Problems addressed in 1.0.4:
* Improved interoperability with Epson R-D1 generated JPEG files – EXIF information is now preserved properly when updating XMP.
* Hasselblad / Imacon 3F (*.fff) Files no longer being corrupted by XMP updates
* Improved security fix for external URL handling
* Improved support for SSE2 processors – should now launch and work on all Pentium 3s and up
* Changed “Lightbox” workspace to “Light Table” workspace.
Thanks to the Bridge team for getting this out in the midst of an aggressive Bridge 2.0 dev cycle.

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