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Adobe acquires Pixmantec

You may have seen that we’ve announced today the acquisition of Pixmantec.
Pixmantec was known for its RawShooter raw workflow app and raw processing engine. As the press release says:
“Adobe plans to integrate Pixmantec raw processing technologies into Lightroom™ and wherever customers will be working with raw files.”
Pixmantec has also posted a FAQ.
So, what does it mean for Bridge? Right now, we’re working on the next generation of Bridge. We have a bunch of cool features planned, but more importantly we’re spending a lot of time improving our performance. Tuning an app’s performance takes a very long time. In fact, you’re never really done with it. It can also require big changes to your code base, which is why we’ve been limited in the improvements we’ve been able to make to Bridge 1.0. We’re going to continue to focus on that for a while.
We can’t detail yet how Pixmantec will help out, but you should expect improvements that will be fairly transparent in how Bridge works. That is, we’re expecting it will mostly be work behind the covers. Also, although we want to bring out those improvements to you as quickly as possible, we don’t have a timeline yet (it takes a while to figure all this out).
So, stay tuned for now, but feel free to share with us how you envision the integration of the Pixmantec raw engine in our products.

Bridge icon

Here’s a step by step guide on how to reproduce the Bridge icon using Adobe Illustrator CS2. Er… In case you need to.
Thanks to John Nack for the link.

A few updates you want to know about…

If you have not already done so, you should update to Adobe Stock Photos 1.0.7. This is a very worthwhile release, even if you do not use Adobe Stock Photos. It addresses a problem with previous versions of Adobe Stock Photos that would cause Bridge to quit unexpectedly when trying to open a document. This could happen even if you never used Adobe Stock Photos.
To update, select Help > Updates in Bridge or almost any other Adobe applications. Select More Details >>>, then click on Adobe Stock Photos 1.0.7.
If you cannot acces this update for some reason, a workaround is to disable Adobe Stock Photos. To do so, launch Bridge, select Preferences > General > Reveal. In the window that opens, locate the file AdobeStockPhotos.jsx and move this file to your desktop. Quit and re-launch Bridge and Adobe Stock Photos is now disabled.
A couple of other worthwhile updates: Adobe Camera Raw 3.4 and Photoshop 9.0.1.
You can download the ACR 3.4 plug-in for Windows or for Mac OS X.
Follow the installation instructions carefully to make sure you have put the plug-in in the correct location. To verify that you have the plug-in installed correctly, launch Bridge, select the Camera Raw Preferences command (in the Bridge menu on Mac OS and in the Edit menu on Windows). The window title should indicate the correct version.
Photoshop 9.0.1 features enhanced stability and can be downloaded for Windows or for Mac OS.