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Custom Metadata in Bridge

I’ve had a number of requests to descrbe how to display custom metadata fields in Bridge – there is a way. It is accomplished by extending the custom file info panel definition.
Below is a description I’ve borrowed from one of our engineers – thanks Akiko!
The File Info library allows users to create their own panel definitions, place the definition file in a specified location on the disk and display the specified data in the File Info dialog panels.
Custom File Info Panel documents
Now, you can display the File Info custom panel data in the Bridge metadata pane. To do that, just add the ‘fbname’ property in the panel definition file for any data field you would like to display in the Bridge.
For example, the following expression will be displayed in the File Info dialog
static_text(name: ‘$$$/AWS/FileInfoLib/Panels/Camera1/Make=Camera Make:’);
edit_text(locked: true, xmp_namespace: ‘’, xmp_path: ‘Make’);
Camera Make: (dynamic value)
where ‘Camera Make:’ is a static text field used as a label for the edit text field next to it to display the data defined in the ‘’ XMP namespace and ‘Make’ XMP path of an XMP packet being loaded.
To display the same data in the Bridge metadata pane, the same expression can be modified as:
static_text(name: ‘$$$/AWS/FileInfoLib/Panels/Camera1/Make=Camera Make:’);
edit_text(fbname: ‘$$$/AWS/FileInfoLib/Panels/Camera1/Make=Camera Make:’,
locked: true, xmp_namespace: ‘’, xmp_path: ‘Make’);
The zstring item under fbname will be used as a label in the Bridge metadata pane. This string should be identical to the label zstring used for File into panel display (in this case–>name: ‘$$$/AWS/FileInfoLib/Panels/Camera1/Make=Camera Make:’). Otherwise, the labeling will be displayed different between the File Info and the Bridge. fbname field will be ignored for the File Info panel display.
The panel title will be used as the topmost label in the Bridge metadata pane.
panel title=”$$$/AWS/FileInfoLib/Panels/test/PanelName=Custom Panel Data” version=”1″ type=”custom_panel”
Currently, the supported widget types to work in the Bridge are:
To display array items such ask Keywords, you can set ‘container_type’ property for the cat_container_edit_text(). The values for ‘container_type’ can be:
bag_struct for unordered array
seq_struct for ordered array
e.g. cat_container_edit_text(xmp_path: ‘Keywords’, container_type: bag_struct);
The cat_container_edit_text() will always be displayed as read only in the Bridge metadata pane regardless of the value you specify in the ‘locked’ property.
// both will be ready only in the Bridge
e.g. cat_container_edit_text(xmp_path: ‘Keywords’, container_type: bag_struct, locked: false);
e.g. cat_container_edit_text(xmp_path: ‘Keywords’, container_type: bag_struct, locked: true);