Bridge CS3 Beta now available

The Beta release of Photoshop CS3 also includes the Beta of Bridge CS3. More details on the release can be found at the Adobe press room.
The download will be available on Adobe Labs in the early hours Pacific Standard Time on December 15.
The Bridge team has been hard at work building new features. Here is a quick top 10 for Photoshop users:
1. Quick thumbnails for faster previews of image files
2. New Loupe tool for zooming in up to 800%
3. Smart image previews for multiple side by side comparisons
4. Image Stacks for visually grouping like files together
5. New Filter panel for fast navigation of rated and labeled files
6. Camera LCD display for quick overview of image settings
7. Download from camera and auto apply metadata templates, rename and convert to DNG
8. Enhanced slideshow for viewing, zooming, rating images
9. Easy to create metadata templates for quickly embedding key information in files
10. Enhanced workspace layouts and customization of presets
Matt Kloskowski over at NAPP has published 2 great videos on the new Loupe Tool and Stacks feature in Bridge.

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