Early Xmas for Bridge feature requests…

Christmas came a little early for some of those customers requesting features or enhancements from Bridge. Below is a list of feature requests from the U2U forum that the Bridge team addressed in CS3.
We get a lot of feature requests, and we have limited resources – so we have to prioritize the best we can. Thanks to Arno for going back and following up on each of these requests.
1-click keyword image reveal option please
A “Move to Folder” command
A Nitpick – smaller selection tiles, please
Batch Rename should show progress
Best reason for a built-in downloader in Bridge
Cancel searches
Chance attribute of cache files to hidden
Do not reset filter when switching folders
Faster searching, and better criteria
Feature Request: Better dimensional meta data displayed
progress indicator in the status bar
RAW+JPEG pairing
search by height/width priority
Select Rated
Selection of landscape or portrait orientation?
Sort lists folders first
Stack photos
Star rating system improvement
Text size option

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