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Copy GPS Metadata Back into Photoshop TIFFs with Bridge Scripting

Photographers capturing GPS metadata and using Photoshop may run into problems saving  TIFF files—Photoshop may strip the GPS metadata when it saves a file as TIFF. This bug does not affect other file formats (PSD and JPEG for example), but if your customers require TIFF files instead of PSD, there is no obvious way to avoid the problem using Photoshop. The good news is Bridge can help. Bridge can write GPS metadata into TIFFs, so you can use Bridge scripting to automate copying missing GPS metadata back into TIFF files.

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Bridge 1.0.4 Update Available via AUM

The 1.0.4 update for Bridge is now available via the Adobe Updater.
Launch Adobe Bridge and select Help > Updates. This will launch the Adobe Updater to check for available updates. The 1.0.4 update requires 1.0.3 since it is a patcher rather than a full install.
Problems addressed in 1.0.4:
* Improved interoperability with Epson R-D1 generated JPEG files – EXIF information is now preserved properly when updating XMP.
* Hasselblad / Imacon 3F (*.fff) Files no longer being corrupted by XMP updates
* Improved security fix for external URL handling
* Improved support for SSE2 processors – should now launch and work on all Pentium 3s and up
* Changed “Lightbox” workspace to “Light Table” workspace.
Thanks to the Bridge team for getting this out in the midst of an aggressive Bridge 2.0 dev cycle.

Lexar Smart Download with Bridge

Lexar Flash cards are including a script that works with Adobe Bridge. I would be interested to hear from customers what they think about this integration.
From the Lexar Press Release:
Lexar Smart Download To Offer ActiveMemory Functionality For Adobe
Creative Suite; New Module Will Improve Digital Imaging Workflow for
Photographers Using Adobe Bridge
PMA 2006
ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 27, 2006–Lexar Media, Inc.
(Nasdaq: LEXR), a world leader in advanced digital media technologies
today announced Lexar(R) Smart Download, an intelligent acquisition
plug-in module that will allow photographers to rapidly download and
manage images directly from their memory cards via Adobe(R) Bridge, a
component of Adobe Creative Suite (CS2). On display at the Photo
Marketing Association International Show (PMA), the new plug-in will
make it possible for photographers to leverage advanced features offered
by Lexar Professional ActiveMemory(TM) CompactFlash(R) (CF) and Secure
Digital(TM) (SD) flash memory cards and will provide a productivity
boost with the ability to manage multiple concurrent downloads using
Lexar’s Professional Firewire and USB 2.0 CompactFlash Readers.

Portable keywords lists in Bridge

Many customer have asked about the portability of Bridge keywords. They want to be able to export keyword lists in order to edit and organize them more easily.
With Bridge 1.03 (mac | win), customers can access the list of keywords that Bridge uses in an XML based format. Previously this information was stored in a more binary, harder to edit format – the .abdata file.
The Adobe Bridge Keywords.xml file is available in these locations:
(username)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Bridge/
C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Adobe\Bridge
Simply edit the file in a text or XML browser and save. Re-launching Bridge will read in the new keywords list.
I would be interested to hear how customers would like to manage their keywords.
Adobe Bridge Product Manager

Lightroom replacing Bridge?

I have been hearing concerns from some customers that Lightroom will replace Bridge - this is definitely not the plan.
Lightroom is highly tailored for a pro photographer workflow – Bridge is designed to be the file management hub for the creative professional. Yes, yes there will be some overlap in areas such as DNG, Camera Raw, and metadata, but that is a good thing.
One way to think about it is, where the photographer workflow ends, the creative professional workflow begins. Bridge is focussed on being at the center of the creative workflow – for print, web and video.
Adobe’s approach to file and asset management is to be as open as possible since this drives interoperability. Almost all our applications support reading and writing of XMP – our open source metadata standard – as do many of our partner solutions. The more intelligence (metadata) we put in the file, the more intelligent and efficient workflows we can empower. And the more choices you will have as a consumer.
Bridge Product Manager

Welcome to Bridge

The Bridge team has setup this blog to communicate and share information regarding Adobe Bridge.
Bridge is the file management hub of the Creative Suite, a place where one can manage, organize and view their creative assets.
It is also a very extensible platform, that include services such as Adobe Stock Photos and management of Version Cue projects. For Photoshop and Suite customers, Bridge also includes Camera Raw.
If you are a javascript developer, you should check the Bridge Javascript reference guide (pdf).
Make sure you have updated to 1.03 via downloads (mac) (pc) or from the Updates link under the Help menu.
Adobe Bridge Product Manager