AIR 1.5 rocks

Well, it’s sort of old news, but I figured I’d give a quick plug for AIR 1.5 on my blog.
First, this release of AIR supports Flash Player 10, which by itself is a big deal. FP10 includes much goodness: a more robust text engine, enhanced video, some 3D support, and Pixel Bender. The list is too long to do it justice here, check out the FP10 page for details.
Another great new feature for AIR 1.5 is the local database can now be encrypted. Since the Encrypted Local Store is not suited to handle large entries, this is a big win for users wanting to protect locally saved data.
Another thing that gets passed over a bit is the inclusion of Squirrelfish, which comes along with an updated WebKit, which is AIR 1.5’s HTML rendering engine. The WebKit project did some bytecode optimizing and pumped up the JavaScript performance by quite a bit. Even better, this was just a first pass at optimization. Future evolution of Squirrelfish will only get faster!
I know, it’s pretty hard to get excited about JavaScript, right? But considering how AIR 1.5’s support for HTML makes it so easy to port an existing web app into a desktop app, even I’m getting into it. And a lot of my friends are Ajax nerds, so hopefully they’ll start using AIR and I’ll actually have something to talk to them about.
So, get the runtime, check out a few applications, get inspired, crack open the SDK, and get your AIR app built!

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