Tour de Flex

While at MAX, I learned about the ‘Tour de Flex’ website. I’m excited about the resources that are offered at, but the Tour de Flex tool is especially focused and useful.
First, the site allows you to download the Tour de Flex AIR app. This is a tool similar to the Adobe Flex 3 Component Explorer. The Tour de Flex version is expanded, with 200 component examples, covering core components, data access, data visualization, mapping. and many others. Because it is an AIR app, the tool can also demo components and language features only available in AIR. There is also a listing of custom components, effects, skins, and other content created by the community.
One of the features I’m most excited about is the listing of Cloud APIs
A few clicks brings up example code for a bunch of online APIs. Viewing how to get started with Ebay, Amazon, or Google Maps is a great way to help an idea get off the ground. Even better, there’s examples for some of the services that Adobe offers, like and Way cool.
The tool also includes a download option, which creates a zip of the source code for the example you choose to download.
Another great feature is the Tour de Flex plugin for Eclipse. With this installed, you can browse the 200 examples from within your IDE. Having an example to look at often makes it easier to implement a component you haven’t used before, or one you haven’t used in a while. With this, there’s no need to go looking around on the web for example code.
Check out the Tour de Flex page for more detail.

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