Adobe AIR 2 at MAX

There is some great stuff going on at MAX. Being primarily focused on AIR development, I might be biased in my excitement over the AIR 2 announcement.
Highlights include an updated version of WebKit, support for interaction with native OS processes, multi-touch gesture support, improved socket support, and more. With all that, it’s hard to say what is most exciting. WebKit will add speed, for sure. The native process API opens up a lot of possibilities, as does better control over socket layer connections. While there are not a ton of touch screen devices available, people are getting more used to the idea of multi-touch gestures, so working them into applications will become more common. In all, some cool stuff to think about.
AIR is already proving a useful platform, but with these additions there is a lot more potential. I’m excited to get some time to check out the new features!
More details are posted in the AIR Team Blog.

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