One Application, Four Frameworks, and All the Code You Can Eat

I’m bummed I didn’t get to attend MAX. One of the things I’m sorry I missed was Christophe Coenraets’ session on Flex frameworks. The ‘which framework’ debate has heated up over the last few years. Being so busy at work, I don’t always get the time I’d like to explore some of the offerings.
During Christophe’s session, there was fairly direct comparison between Cairngorm, PureMVC, Swiz, and Mate. It’s an ambitious and long over-due exercise. I’ve seen some attempts to compare members of that crowd, but the result rarely came across as a direct comparison, and it was rare that the result was useful as a reference. From Christophe’s description, this seems to be the most fair and complete comparison done so far. Considering the code was written by people with a fair investment in each framework, it’s about as good as your going to get.
Check out Christophe’s blog entry that covers the results of the session. Definetly don’t miss the source code, which provides reference apps built with each framework.
Great stuff, really. This is just what an aspiring project architect needs to make an informed decision about which framework or practices best fit the problems they are addressing.

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