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Coming Soon: Cairngorm 3

With MAX right around the corner, you would expect some build up. For example, Cairngorm 3. Yes, kids, it’s true! A transformation is coming, which will make Cairngorm more than just a micro-architecture. Instead, Cairngorm is broadening its scope to become a collection of tools, practices, and libraries, all of which form a foundation for use in Flex development. At the core of it, Cairngorm still represents a layered architecture, separation of concerns, and test driven development. If it suits your needs, the original Cairngorm libraries are included, with many enhancements. On top of that, a wealth of additional information is added. This content is gleaned from the expertise of Adobe Professional Services and the Cairngorm Committee. This will allow the wider community to share the knowledge that we in Adobe Professional Services have acquired while developing large scale Flex applications. The additional components and recommendations expand beyond a single architecture, and will suit many of the frameworks now being used. This will broaden Cairngorm’s scope, making it a useful tool on any size project.
As to what ‘coming soon’ means, I’ll have to leave that up to your imagination. But when it does become officially available, be sure to check it out!

Adobe MAX Widget – Embed it on your blog now.

Ted On Flash has a short bit demonstrating the blog-sized MAX widget. The hightlight is the testimonial features, which can switch on your web cam and let you record a few words about how excited you are about MAX.
Sadly, I’m committed on a project, so I won’t be attending this year. I’m sure you all will have fun without me, though!
Here’s the widget:


MAX 2009 Announcement

Though there has been information via the MAX Blog for a while, Adobe sent a MAX 2009 ‘call for sessions’ announcement to the community today. The event will be held October 4-7, 2009 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
If you want to get started thinking about MAX now, there is an Adobe Groups page available for suggesting a session topic. Check that out if you’ve got something you think should be presented. The call for sessions will end April 15, 2009 midnight PST. Sessions and speakers should be selected by May 15, 2009.
Unfortunately, there will be no MAX in Europe this year. However, there are plans to make an online MAX experience that parallels the events in L.A. Granted, you’ll miss being able to get lost in the convention center, but you can simulate that on your own if needed.