BrowserLab for Firebug and Firebug 1.8.0 compatibility

Update, August 11, 2011: Our new BrowserLab for Firebug extension, v1.0.0.1168P.306117, is now live on the Mozilla Add-ons Exchange.

For the most part, our current BrowserLab for Firebug extension is compatible with Firebug 1.8.0 which was released earlier this week. There is one very important part that is not working – Preview Local Source. We have a fix for this, and it is currently being tested and will be submitted to Mozilla for their testing process this week. I expect a new BrowserLab for Firebug to be available publicly within a week.

I’ll tweet, and update this blog when it is final and live.

If you’re not sure what BrowserLab for Firebug is, check out this short AdobeTV video.

Bruce Bowman
Adobe BrowserLab product manager
twitter: @brucebowman