BrowserLab 1.6.3 with new Mac OS X browsers is now live

Today we have released a new version of BrowserLab for you, v1168P.306117, which has some nice improvements:

  • Chrome 13 beta was updated to the final release (Windows)
  • Firefox 4 was added (Mac OS X)
  • Firefox 5 was added (Mac OS X)
  • Flash Player was updated to v10.3 (Mac OS X)

We also updated our BrowserLab for Firebug Add-on for Firebug 1.8. You can find it on the Mozilla Add-ons page, or if you already have it installed, it will be updated when you update your Add-ons.

Finally, we have removed support for some older browsers now that they’ve significantly declined in usage. Safari 4 (Mac OS X), and Firefox 3 and 3.6 (Mac OS X and Windows) have been removed.

Bruce Bowman
Adobe BrowserLab product manager
twitter: @brucebowman

One Response to BrowserLab 1.6.3 with new Mac OS X browsers is now live

  1. Designer + says:

    I love the BrowserLab and appreciate all your work, sadly my reason for using the service was to be able to test browser I no longer have, like the older versions you removed, the same way you left IE6 (thank god!), Firefox 3.6 and other older browser before mayor changes have occurred (specially HTML5 related) are the useful ones. In other words leaving 2 or 3 more browser version in shouldn’t be such a problem. Till then, I guess I can test on my own computer.

    Thanks for all the great work.