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BrowserLab is shutting down on March 13, 2013

Dear BrowserLab customers,

When we originally launched BrowserLab as a free service back in 2009, our customers were struggling with testing their web content across desktop browsers and platforms. Since then with the growth of the importance of mobile devices and tablets, the landscape has changed dramatically. Because of this shift, we have seen the usage of BrowserLab drop over the past year while at the same time our engineering team has been focusing on solving this new challenge with new solutions. Due to this, we will be shutting down the Adobe BrowserLab Service effective immediately.

If you need to test across multiple desktop browsers, we recommend that you check out BrowserStack and Sauce Labs as two viable alternatives to BrowserLab. Our friends at Sauce Labs are welcoming BrowserLab users with a special offer:

  • 10 hours (600 minutes) of free manual testing time (with no expiration) for up to two concurrent open browsers
  • Once you’ve used those 600 minutes, your account will revert to a free account which includes 30 minutes per month of free manual browser testing
  • This limited time offer will remain valid for 30 days from the date of this blog post

If you are working on mobile web projects, check out Adobe Edge Inspect. It is designed to work on your computer to remotely control actual devices and will allow you to debug web pages directly on a mobile device or phone.

We’d like to thank all of our customers over the years for using and providing input for the Adobe BrowserLab Service.

Best Regards,
Bruce Bowman
Sr. Product Manager, Edge Tools & Services and the Adobe BrowserLab Team