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Google Fight

i found this interesting site when comparing different programming languages:

You can type two words to fight against each other and it tracks the total number of results each word has had (i assume they use the Google APIs to do this)

Let’s see, how well is Lightroom doing versus Aperture?

LR = 1.54M results, Aperture = 1.66M results (oh well, we’re catching up)

How about Adobe versus Apple?

Adobe = 206M results, Apple = 284 M results

Adobe versus Microsoft?

Adobe = 206M results, Microsoft = 562 M results

Adobe versus Google?

Adobe = 206M results, Google = 831 M results (well, they do own the search after all)

Okay, we must get more results than somebody. We can always pick on Larry Ellison…

Adobe versus Oracle?

Adobe = 206M results, Oracle = 139 M results

Here’s a fun one, pdf versus doc:

pdf = 1.31G results, doc = 263 M results

Wow, that’s twice the number of "microsoft" results!

Here’s an internal compare: Flash versus Photoshop

Flash = 483M results, Photoshop = 109M results

I’m sure most people have seen Google Trends already, which is a very similar tool. Speaking of which, it appears that Moscow, Russia is eagerly awaiting Photoshop CS3….