I scrum, you scrum, we all scrum

Agile project management at Adobe is not a new concept. Many product teams have used agile-like development models for many years now. The After Effects team, for instance, introduced an incremental development model a few years ago which was accepted by other Adobe products as an alternative to the traditional Waterfall model.

Scrum, on the other hand, is a relatively new buzzword that is spreading throughout the company and yielding some positive results.

What are the principle of Scrum?

  • Scrum is an agile process to manage and control development work.
  • Scrum is a wrapper for existing engineering practices.
  • Scrum is a team-based approach to iteratively, incrementally develop systems and products when requirements are rapidly changing
  • Scrum is a process that controls the chaos of conflicting interests and needs.
  • Scrum is a way to improve communications and maximize co-operation.
  • Scrum is a way to detect and cause the removal of anything that gets in the way of developing and delivering products.
  • Scrum is a way to maximize productivity.
  • Scrum is scalable from single projects to entire organizations. Scrum has controlled and organized development and implementation for multiple interrelated products and projects with over a thousand developers and implementers.
  • Scrum is a way for everyone to feel good about their job, their contributions, and that they have done the very best they possibly could.

For me, the biggest win over other methodologies is the face-to-face communication, delivered by 15 minute status meetings each day. Weekly meetings are too in-frequent to track progress of projects. By that time the world has already changed and you’re working on old stuff. Well, okay, perhaps not but sometimes it does feel like that 🙂

If you want to learn more about scrum, here’s one book that comes recommended..


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