Macromedia Announces CFMX and JRun for Mac OS X!

Yes, it’s all true. Macromedia is releasing JRun 4 and ColdFusion MX for J2EE Application Servers for Mac OS X today. Below we see an enthralled audience of future ColdFusion developers learn how straightforward and powerful ColdFusion is during the CFMX portion of the DMX presentation (picture courtesy of Matt Brown). Here are some relevant links:

Press Release:

Download Page:

Installation Instructions:

DesDev Article:

Please note that the following ColdFusion MX features are not supported by the OS X version:

  • Verity full-text search
  • C++ CFX (and any Windows-specific features, includilng ODBC services)
  • Crystal Reports integration
  • COM connectivity

Nobody gives a more exciting keynotes than Steve Jobs (except Kevin Lynch, Rob Burgess and Jeremy Allaire, of course). Send me your ideas on what you think will be unveiled by Steve Jobs at Macworld (hardware or software), and the first two people to get it right will win a free DRK CD. I only have two to give away, so get your guesses in quickly. (I was guessing iSync 1.0 and a new version iCal, but those have already been announced.) I will announce winners here on the 8th or 9th.

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