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10% off ColdFusion MX or JRun MX Until January 15th

Use the promotion codes below to save on various Macromedia products (including server products like ColdFusion and JRun).

US Codes:
10% off Tools Products:

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UK Codes:
10% off Auhtorware, Director, Fontographer, Freehand, Homesite, Fireworks and Dreamweaver:

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ColdFusion Known Issues and Thread Dump TechNote Both Updated

From Macromedia’s website:

“This TechNote provides a summary of some of the known issues with Macromedia ColdFusion MX. Fixes for these issues are currently being investigated for potential inclusion in an upcoming release of the ColdFusion MX Updater. Inclusion or exclusion in this list does not guarantee inclusion or exclusion from future releases of the ColdFusion MX Updater.”

Also from Macromedia’s website:
This TechNote contains links to each of the Macromedia JRun articles which pertain to generating or interpreting JVM thread dumps (also known as “stack traces”). This index will be updated as required to reflect new platforms and new versions of the JDK.

TechNote on cfregistry for CF 5 and Earlier

In ColdFusion 5 or earlier, disabling the cfregistry tag in the Administrator will prevent you from logging back into the Administrator since the Administrator makes use of the registry. Oops. It’s a little like locking your keys in your car. The TechNote below will help:

Here’s a Chance to Expense a Trip to Sydney

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to do see Sydney Australia, sign up for MXDU. Conversely, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to attend DevCon, book a vacation to Sydney. Justify it any way you have to — just find a way to be there.

From the MXDU website:

“Do you know all there is to know about Macromedia MX technology? We have the people who do! It’s finally here, a developers conference for Macromedia MX in the Asia Pacific Region. 19th-20th February 2003 in Sydney Australia.”

If you’re still not convinced, check out these links:

Unscheduled Downtime

Sorry for the downtime this evening. I had to install some updates.

If you came to my weblog at the right time, you would have seen all my ColdFusion source. Please send me any improvements and/or bug fixes!

Patch Available For ColdFusion MX Enterprise Edition Sandbox Security Issue

The <cfinclude> tag and the <cfmodule> tag will accept filenames with relative paths as arguments. ColdFusion MX does not check the Sandbox Security Files/Dirs permissions before including files with these tags. This could allow a template to access unauthorized data using these tags.

Find out more (and download the patch) at the URL below:

Some Tips on Installing JRun 4 and CFMX on OS X

Where is java_home? I can’t find the Java binary!

Most people shouldn’t actually need to know where it is. Open up the terminal and just type “java”. If you see some usage instructions printed out, you are all set. Type “jar” and you should see something similar. Continue with the installation instructions and just leave out the “java_home” portion. In other words, the following command will work (assuming you are in the same directory as your jar file):

% java -jar coldfusion-j2ee-java.jar -i gui

(Don’t actually type the “%”. That represents your command prompt.) If, on the other hand, you see a “command not found” message, don’t worry. Try typing this, instead:

% /usr/bin/java


% /usr/bin/jar

Now you should see the usage information. If it still doesn’t work, however, type this:

% locate java | grep bin

This command will show you where any file called “java” is located in a directory with the word “bin” in it. If this doesn’t work for you, you better just email me.

The files “java” and “jar” aren’t actually located in /usr/bin — they are symbolically linked from another directory. Although you don’t need to know this, in case you are curious, the actual files are located here:


By the way, symbolic links (commonly referred to as “soft links”) are a very convenient way to make files appear as though they are in different directories than they actually are (or even multiple directories). They are similar to shortcuts on Windows. To learn more, type “man ln” at the command prompt.

What am I supposed to do with this file called “index.cgi”?

If you downloaded a file called index.cgi from Macromedia’s website, I’m guessing you are using Internet Explorer. “index.cgi” is the name of the program on Macromedia’s server than initiates the download, and IE mistakes that for the name of the file being downloaded. Not to worry. Just rename it by your favorite renaming process to whatever the documentation tells you it should be named.

If you have other FAQs, email me, and I’ll post answers.

New ColdFusion MX for JRun Performance Brief Published

See how ColdFusion MX for JRun performs and scales on platforms and multiple server installations. Go to the URL below and look under the “White Papers” section on the left-hand side:

Macromedia Announces CFMX and JRun for Mac OS X!

Yes, it’s all true. Macromedia is releasing JRun 4 and ColdFusion MX for J2EE Application Servers for Mac OS X today. Below we see an enthralled audience of future ColdFusion developers learn how straightforward and powerful ColdFusion is during the CFMX portion of the DMX presentation (picture courtesy of Matt Brown). Here are some relevant links:

Press Release:

Download Page:

Installation Instructions:

DesDev Article:

Please note that the following ColdFusion MX features are not supported by the OS X version:

  • Verity full-text search
  • C++ CFX (and any Windows-specific features, includilng ODBC services)
  • Crystal Reports integration
  • COM connectivity

Nobody gives a more exciting keynotes than Steve Jobs (except Kevin Lynch, Rob Burgess and Jeremy Allaire, of course). Send me your ideas on what you think will be unveiled by Steve Jobs at Macworld (hardware or software), and the first two people to get it right will win a free DRK CD. I only have two to give away, so get your guesses in quickly. (I was guessing iSync 1.0 and a new version iCal, but those have already been announced.) I will announce winners here on the 8th or 9th.

First Day of Macworld!

Fellow Mac Fanatics, the 6th is the first day of the 2003 Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco. I was hoping to attend this year, but unfortunately I will not be able to make it. In order to try to capture some of the excitement of being there, however, I have put together a small Macworld contest. See the post for January 7th for details.