5 New JRun Hot Fixes

Macromedia releases 5 new JRun hot fixes. Details are below:

  • EJB Container deadlock when using container-managed persistence (CMP).


  • Instance pool size settings in jrun-ejb-jar.xml don’t work properly.


  • Provide support for Open SSL 0.9.6c in JRun connector.
  • Multiple EJB defects related to pooling and persistence.
  • Container Managed Relationships (CMR) Iterator does not work properly.


  • Incorrect configuration information written into httpd.conf for the Apache web server.
  • JSP jspInit() method and JSP preloading do not work properly.


  • wsconfig tool does not work with remote iPlanet servers.
  • Cannot logout of web application when using multiple web applications with the same roles.
  • Memory leak in connectors corrected.
  • Apache connector may hang when the proxyService attribute mapCheck=0.
  • request.getServletInfo() returns incorrect value when web.xml mappings are used.


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