DevNet Professional EULA Summary

I saw some questions on a mailing list about the DevNet Professional End User License Agreement (EULA). I finally got a chance to discuss it in detail with the right people at Macromedia, and basically what it comes down to is that the servers included with DevNet Professional are only meant for you to experiment and develop with. The term “testing” in the EULA is meant to describe the kind of testing that naturally occurs during development. You can let your QA team test software against your development environment and you can demo your software to clients on your development environment, but you can’t install the server software on additional machines specifically for QA testing, load testing, or software demos. If you want to have a separate set of servers for QA testing, load testing or software demos, you have to purchase additional licenses. Anyone who uses the servers in a development capacity (in other words, anyone who directly accesses source code) must be a DevNet Professional subscriber.

You can find more information about DevNet licensing here:

You can find the entire DevNet EULA here:

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