ColdFusion 5 and Apache 2.x.x

Macromedia does not support connectors for ColdFusion 5 and Apache 2.x.x, however since we released the source code for mod_coldfusion, a couple of developers in the community have made the necessary modifications themselves. If you are using ColdFusion 5 and are interested in upgrading to Apache 2.x.x, check out the URLs below:



4 Responses to ColdFusion 5 and Apache 2.x.x

  1. The 2.0.43 version of i’ve downloaded from nextron is working under new apache 2.0.47 .

  2. Arturo says:

    I installed the mod, but i cant make it wotk yet!; when i try to access the ColdFusion Administrator, i got an error and the explorer tries to download the cfm.Any advice?

  3. Kamenko says:

    I’ve been running CF5 on RH9 with Apache 2.0.40 with no problems at all.Where I can find source code for the mod_coldfusion that I can compile for other releases of Apache.Thanks in advance.

  4. Dino says:

    I just got CF5 working with Apache 2.0.50 on a Fedora Core 2 box… using Andrew’s mod… worked fine. I ran into far too many problems migrating apps over to CFMX on a test box, so decided to rollback to CF5. Glad to see that it works on FC2 with Apache 2, PostgreSQL and the latest unixODBC driver. Thanks to Mr. Ernst 🙂