Live – Flashforward 2003 Keynote

Central lets you download and install Flash applications that you can run locally with or without an Internet connection. Very cool, very new, very different. Check out the details here:

Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC
What more needs to be said? It’s available now right here:

Flash Communication Server
New version available today. New features include:

  • Secure Connections
  • Linux Support
  • Free Developer Edition

DevNet Resource Kit
Mike Chambers did a sneak peek of a couple of apps that will be available on DRK Volume 3. The first one is RSSify which lets you produce RSS feeds on a server (Flash and ColdFusion). The second one is called News Aggregator, which is a Flash client that consumes RSS feeds. Good combination. Very cool stuff. DRK Volume 3 will be available in about 3 weeks to DevNet Professional and Devnet Essential subscribers.

Meet “Royale” (codename), a new way to generate Flash user interfaces using XML. Neil Balthaser did a demo from the office of a credit card form that automatically does validation which he build with just a few lines of XML. More on Macromedia Royale to come.

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