CFMX for J2EE License Transfer Program Extended

Anyone interested in going from ColdFusion Server to CFMX for J2EE should check this out. From Macromedia’s website:

“For a limited time, Macromedia ColdFusion Server Enterprise customers can transfer their licenses to ColdFusion MX for J2EE and receive up to a 30% discount through the Macromedia Volume License Program (MVLP).

Now, ColdFusion Server 4.5 (and later) Enterprise Edition (English version) customers can begin developing, deploying, and migrating their ColdFusion applications on their preferred J2EE application server at a significant savings.”

Offer good through 6/31/2003. Details here:

One Response to CFMX for J2EE License Transfer Program Extended

  1. Prabhakar Thopa says:

    I know the heap size can be bumped up to prevent out of memory errors.Is there a max limit for the heap size setting? Can it be as high as 4GB?What are the downsides to setting the max heap size to very large values?Prabhakar