DevNet Resource Kit (DRK) Volume 3, Available Now!

Volume 3 of the DRK is finally here! Volume 3 has far more content than the first two volumes, and is the first DRK to have extensive ColdFusion content in addition to Flash components, Dreamweaver extensions, and learning/reference material. I’ve included a description and some screenshots of the ColdFusion DRK content here.

ColdFusion Content:

Calendar Component
The Calendar component creates a model of a specific calendar page for a given month and year. Use this component to generate dynamic calendars easily in HTML.

Include Once Custom Tag
The Include Once custom tag is like cfinclude, but it enforces that a file is only included once during a single request. This capability allows you to reduce the size of your generated HTML pages by ensuring your shared dependencies are only included once.

Init Custom Tag
Code placed inside the Init custom tag executes only once for the life of the application — regardless of how many times the code around it is executed — so you can use it for application configuration in your Application.cfm file. The Init tag also allows you to place initialization code within other pages of an application, assigning it a page-specific “scope”.

Record Pager Custom Tag
The Record Pager custom tag builds a navigation system that allows users to page through sets of records (similar to the navigation system at the bottom of Google and other search engines). The look and feel created by the tag is customizable, and its functionality is flexible enough so you can use it with any ColdFusion application.

Lindex, short for ‘Lucene index,’ is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine that allows developers to create document collections for easy indexing and quick searching. Because the Lindex interface is similar to Verity Search Engine, it will already be familiar to ColdFusion developers. The advantage of Lindex over Verity is that Lindex is pure Java and ColdFusion, so it can be ported to any platform, including Mac OS X.

The CFunit component framework helps you to unit-test your ColdFusion components. CFunit generates colorful, easy-to-read HTML tables that clearly indicate which functions in your components work properly and which are returning unexpected results.

DFA (Data File Access)
The DFA components allow developers to interact with XML or comma-delimited files as though they were databases. DFA is convenient for small projects where setting up and configuring a database is too much work.

Sample Applications:

The sample applications on the DRK are entire robust, ready-to-deploy ColdFusion and Flash applications which not only demonstrate development techniques and best practices, but are also extremely useful:

Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA)
MXNA is an XML and news feed aggregator that allows readers to monitor their favorite weblogs and other syndicated sites in a single place. It aggregates content by parsing, categorizing, and storing RSS XML feeds. You can see MXNA running live here:

RSS 1.0 XML Feed Creation and Management Application (RSSify)
This Rich Internet Application allows you to manage and easily create RSS 1.0 XML feeds for syndicating and publishing data online. The complete Macromedia Flash and ColdFusion code for the application is also included.

RSS/XML News Reader Application
This Rich Internet Application makes it easy to retrieve, read, and organize data from RSS/XML news feeds. RSS/XML News Reader includes stand-alone and web-enabled versions, as well as the complete source code for the application.

DevNet Resource Kit Reader Application
The DevNet Resource Kit Reader Application contains the complete source code for the DRK user interface. The application also functions as an excellent learning tool for constructing CD applications using Macromedia Flash MX.

Flash Content:

  • Flash UI Component Set 5
    • Tab Component
    • Week View Calendar Component
    • Slider Component
    • Accordion Pane Component
    • TextField Component
  • Bevel Component Set
  • Flash UI Components for Devices
  • ActionScript Data Validation Library
  • Macromedia Flash MX and Director MX Integration Kit

Dreamweaver Content:

  • ASP.NET Form Controls
  • ASP.NET Reference Extension
  • PHP Reference Extension
  • ColdFusion MX Functions Reference
  • Team Administration Extensions
  • Visitor Information Tracking Extension