DRK 3, MXNA, and Fullasagoog.com

One of the coolest items on DRK 3 is the Macromedia XML News Aggregator. You can see it in action here:


MXNA is based on the source code from Fullasagoog.com created by Geoff Bowers. Fullasagoog aggregates somewhere around 80 Macromedia-related weblogs which makes it, in Geoff’s own words, “Chock Full of Rich Internet Application Goodness”. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s an excellent resource, so check it out. And if you are interested in running your own aggregator like Fullasagoog or MXNA, check out DRK 3. MXNA is extremely easy to get set up and running on any platform with any database, and is great for external use (like Fullasagoog or Macromedia’s MXNA) and for internally aggregating industry specific feeds for your intranet.

5 Responses to DRK 3, MXNA, and Fullasagoog.com

  1. Geoff Bowers says:

    *bashful* Bah.. thanks for the generous plug.Now tht the DRK is out of the way I can get back to innovating and taking the Goog to even greater heights :)I thought I might add that MXNA can in fact be used for many more things than just blogs — we publish CVS changes and tail log files to RSS just to name a few. Anything RSS based can be blended and stuck on your website, intranet, whatever.Coupled with the Flash based RSS tools — makes for a web syndication frenzy on DRK3.

  2. Christian Cantrell says:

    Good point, Geoff. We use MXNA internally to aggregate project status reports. All it took was a query -> RSS translation layer.

  3. Michael Kidder says:

    Outdated RSS feeds?From what I am seeing, MXNA is showing the date of when the RSS has been parsed. Shouldn’t it retrieve the entry date from the xml feed?The majority of the aggregated feeds within MXNA (Flash section) are dated. Currently it is pulling from the hive-brain for examples entries back in 2002.

  4. Christian Cantrell says:

    You are correct that the date is the date that the feed was imported and stored rather than the date from the RSS feed. This is good for two reasons:1. It standardizes all dates. We found that dates in people’s feeds were all over the place, so it was difficult to present an accurate picture of what entries were actually new and to order them appropriately.2. New feeds are always on top. Since the date and time are standardized across all posts, new feeds are guaranteed to always be at the top.This is also bad because when we first add a feed, all the entries we import appear to be brand new, even if they are from 2002, as you mention. Since after the initial import, we only import feeds that are new, this is temporary, and we feel that the advantage of standardizing on a single server’s time outweighs the one-time inconvenience of displaying old feeds as new.

  5. Mike says:

    I have DRK 3 and am trying to get the aggregator running on my server.When I generate the SWF and HTML from Flash and put them out on my server, the SWF never loads in my browser when I try to access the page. The standalone EXE works fine, however. Are there some settings in the FLA that need to be modified in order to view it from the web?Thanks!Mike –