Four New TechNotes – ColdFusion and JRun

FAQ for ColdFusion MX connector configuration

Flash Remoting cannot connect in Opera

ColdFusion MX: How to test for and resolve corruption issues with certain Japanese characters

JRun 4.0: Issues when migrating applications from JRun 3.x to 4.0

2 Responses to Four New TechNotes – ColdFusion and JRun

  1. Ken Azuma says:

    Thank you for valuable information!From Japan.Ken Azuma

  2. Brian says:

    Tidbits: OSX v10.2.5, recently installed JRun4, and ran into problems not able to install CFMX J2EE effectively.I have some strange, unresolved problem not able to install J2EE effectively for past couple of straight, consecutive days in a row. It should be easy-to-install as any Installer on Mac. J2EE is a fatal joke for not able to install.I tried to open it manually. Mission failed.I tried to install it through Terminal shell. It is so complicated going into shell and all kinds of werid Unix system commands. I have problem to do a cd…I would really appreciate some help as a simple steps that I need to do next. I tried to use MM Cold Fusion’s techdoc help. But it doesn’t do any good!(sighs)Regards, Brian