Informal, Unscientific Poll

I would like to conduct an informal, unscientific poll to see how many people out there would be interested in deploying production systems on Macs. My informal, unscientific questions are:

  1. Who among you is currently running production systems on Macs? What kinds of Macs are you using (hardware and software)?
  2. Who would like to be using OS X in production, but can’t afford the hardware?
  3. Who would like to be using OS X in production, but can’t due to lack of software support? What software in particular?
  4. What else would you like to say for or against Macs in production?

Feel free to email me directly ( or post your comments here.

10 Responses to Informal, Unscientific Poll

  1. Dan says:

    Dear Christian,Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please port CFMX, Flash Communication server, and Macromedia Flash Remoting MX to MacOSX.I am running a production OSX server and must have these applications or move to linux which i would rather avoid if I can.Presently running on a Powermac G4 but will move to an Xserve as soon as the new IBM chips come out. Presently run WebCat also known as WebDNA. Of course php and mysql.We MUST move to CFMX, flash communication server, and or remoting in the near future. Again, would rather stick with OSX. Since the said products above all have a Linux and in some cases a Unix port, can’t you please spend an evening and “Just Do It!”.Forget the manuals, forget a boxed version, just offer a download only version if you must.Lastly, I thought I heard that OSX Server recieved some award for best server of the year. Please PAY ATTENTION to the OSX Server market and port these products. It really DOES EXIST!Thanx,Dan

  2. Stacy Young says:

    We had begun to look at XServe’s to replace our more expensive solaris setup but the lack of software support on OSX stimied our efforts. :(Particularly we were concerned about Weblogic and CFMX on OS X

  3. Bud says:

    Hi Christian. After 3 years in the ColdFusion hosting business, I just went back to reselling. I just can’t fight with Windows any more. I surrender. I may give it a go again one day, but I won’t consider it until Macromedia fully supports OSX.

  4. Christian Cantrell says:

    So you would consider hosting again if you were able to use OS X Server on XServe? Interesting. How are your Unix skills? Have you tried Linux?Christian

  5. Ken Colborn says:

    We are currently looking for an alternative to Windows servers (Since they have all become unstable because of the operating system) for our hosting company and we have been wanting to move all of our hosting business to Mac Servers, the only reservation is that CFMX does not have a production version for Mac OS X. We would definately use CFMX on a mac if it was offered in a production version

  6. Christian Cantrell says:

    Just out of curiosity, why move to OS X for production and not Linux?

  7. Christian,You raise a good question — why not use CFMX on linux and not worry about Mac’s.For many Mac enthusiasts we just plain like the idea of using X-Serve and X-Serve Raid. I understand that linux will completely take care of our needs, but it would be nice to be able to have G5 workstations and X-Serves doing all the work. It’s about using the complete Mac package.Thanks for listening.Charles

  8. I’m using linux and I’m quite happy with it. Good luck:))

  9. dadabase says:

    i work with community (arts) orgs and the only fully commercial server software i use is coldfusion and the comm server – currently i run on win, linux and osx(apache) my need to simplify production/dev process (osx) is dragging me away from cf and toward open source solutions – currently preparing an instalation for a work at isea and i will need to use linux and osx within the work because i want to incorporate aiml with comm server – i love linux and couldnt imagine not using it but dragging two server environemnts half way around the planet isnt fun – is the only reason for lack of mac support, on the production end, a reflection on the number and type of user ?

  10. erik ahrsjo says:

    We are about to set up a Xserve Oracle SAN&RAC cluster but we also need a Coldfusion server but I seems we need to get a Intel based linux server for that and we have no knowledge how to do that. Apple has been very nice to lend us to Xserves to test suse on but that is it