Java Weblogs

I would like to get a good collection of Java weblogs posted here and aggregated into MXNA. Anybody have any favorites?

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  1. Hopefully not too obvious, but check out JavaBlogs: — Brett Mclaughlin who writes for Oreilly — Jason Hunter, servlet master…

  2. John Dowdell says:

    Here’s a list… most of these seem to be personal blogs, with a lot OT to J2EE, but some of they may contain relevant info…? seems to aggregate all, but a subset, particularly with keyword matching for “java” or “j2ee”, might provide unique value…?)

  3. Christian Cantrell says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. If you come across any others that you link, let me know. I’m not having problems finding any — I’m just trying to find the best ones.

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