Readers’ Choice Awards – Cast Your Votes!

The Java Developer’s Journal is currently holding it’s sixth Readers’ Choice Awards. ColdFusion MX has been nominated for both “Best Team Development Tool” and “Best J2EE Application Development Framework”. JRun was nominated as “Best Java Application Server”. Distinctions like these can be a big win for us all! Cast your vote here:

The ColdFusion Developer’s Journal is also hold it’s Readers’ Choice Awards, for which several Macromedia products have been nominated. Have a look and cast your vote here:

Finally, Web Services Journal and XML Journal are jointly holding their Readers’ Choice Awards. Both Macromedia ColdFusion MX and JRun 4 have been nominated in the “Best App Server for Web Services” category. And ColdFusion MX has also been nominated as the “Most Innovative Application of XML”. Make your opinions known here:

And, of course, check out the “ColdFusion & Java” story by Ben Forta while you are there.

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