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New MXNA Features

We just installed a new version of the Macromedia XML News Aggregator today with some cool new features. The most noticeable new feature is the ranking system. Every post made within the last 24 hours now has a ranking indicated by a series of stars which denotes its popularity among other MXNA readers. The ranking is calculated by comparing the number of clicks an entry has gotten to those of other feeds imported within the last 24 hours.

MXNA also now supports the blogger ping API, so you can ping MXNA when you make new blog entries, and MXNA will pick up your changes immediately. For more information on configuring your blogging software to ping MXNA, see the MXNA FAQ.

Tonight’s BACFUG Meeting

If you happen to be in San Francisco, I am speaking at the BACFUG meeting tonight at 7:00 (600 Townsend St. where Macromedia’s offices are). I am going to be talking about the DRK, demonstrating ColdFusion DRK content, and giving away a free DRK 3. Last time I attended a BACFUG meeting, there was beer and food and other refreshments, so I assume there will be again tonight. And did I mention that I was going to be giving away a free DRK 3?

Macromedia ColdFusion TechNote Information

First of all, our favorite TechNote writer, Debbie Dickerson, has just published a new ColdFusion TechNote entitled “How to pass login credentials to cflogin via Flash Remoting”. Here’s an excerpt:

This TechNote describes how to use Flash Remoting with ColdFusion’s built-in authentication mechanism and ColdFusion components. It shows how to use the ActionScript setCredentials method on the Flash side to pass credential information to the cflogin tag on the ColdFusion side. This TechNote assumes you are already familiar with using Flash Remoting to pass data between Flash applications and ColdFusion components. It also assumes you are familiar with application security in ColdFusion MX.

For more information and code snippets, see my blog entry, “Using cflogin with Flash Remoting“.

Secondly, the Macromedia XML News Aggregator now aggregates ColdFusion and JRun TechNotes, so you can keep up to date on technical issues while you’re reading up on what’s going on in the web development community.

CF_Europe and BACFUG

CF_Europe is only two days away (May 29th and 30th). I won’t try to talk you into going because if you aren’t already going, I doubt you will decide at the last minute to take off to London (unless you are already in the neighborhood). If you are already in the neighborhood, or if you have your own private jet, cruise on over to CF_Europe. They have a great lineup.

I can’t make it because I will be speaking at a BACFUG meeting Thursday night (7:00, 600 Townsend St., San Francisco). I will be talking about the ColdFusion content on DRK 3, showing examples, and possibly even going over some Flash/ColdFusion projects, as well, depending on time and the mood of the crowd.

If you can’t make it to London, come to San Francisco. If you can’t make it to San Francisco, stay at home and watch the web cast. I will post the URL when I get it.

DevEdge: Netscape’s Web Development Resource

If you don’t use already, you might want to check it out. I mostly use it as a JavaScript reference, but it’s a good resource for things like CSS, XML and HTML, as well. It’s laid out well, easy to navigate, and, best of all, you can check out the Amazing DHTML Fish Tank (best viewed on Netscape 7, naturally).

How many of you out there already use DevEdge? What other web development resources do you use?

Closing Tags with Slashes: An Informal Survey

How many ColdFusion programers out there are religious about closing their tags? In other words, are you more likely to do this…

<cfreturn foo>

… or this …

<cfreturn foo/>

How about your HTML tags? Strict, transitional, or “freestyle”?

New ColdFusion TechNote: Incorrect output behavior when using Sitewide Error Handler

Macromedia has published a new ColdFusion TechNote:

Incorrect output behavior when using Sitewide Error Handler

If you are having problems using a site-side error handler in CFMX, have a look. The TechNote provides a work-around.

Using “rdate” to Keep Your Server’s Time Accurate

I don’t know why servers’ clocks tend to drift (if someone knows, please explain), but the fact is, they do. Having the wrong time on your server can be a problem for various reasons since time stamps are used in several decisions that the server has to make as well as for debugging and logging. Plus it’s just really annoying. In fact, it’s so important to me to know the right time that I wear a watch which synchronizes with an atomic clock in Colorado over radio waves three times a day. Maybe that’s going a little far, but it’s certainly not too much to ask of an expensive, high-end server to maintain the correct time.

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Macromedia On Demand Seminars

If you have already been around the weblog circuit today, you might have seen this, but this is so cool that I had to blog it anyway. Macromedia is now offering “On Demand” multimedia seminars to help people quickly understand new products and new features. They have free on-line seminars for Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, ColdFusion MX (server and J2EE), Studio MX, Support and Training and the Flash MX Data Connection Kit.

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CVS Tip: Find Out Exactly Who Made That Change, and When

How many CVS users are there out there? Have you ever updated a file with a bug in it, and had everyone on your team deny having made the change? Use CVS annotate to find the culprit.

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