Interacting with XML and CSV Files Using SQL

If you have DRK 3, you might want to check out this application that Simon Horwith wrote. It is sort of an administrative application for the Data File Access (DFA) project, also written by Simon. DFA allows you to interact with XML and comma-delimited files as though they were a database. It’s great for small to medium sized projects like surveys or address books when you need to store relatively small amounts of information. Basically, it gives you all the convenience of SQL and XPath, but you don’t have to worry about a database or about managing XML files manually.

This admin application that Simon has written allows you to dump the data currently stored in DFA XML data tables, add new data to existing datatables, and create new data tables. If you are using DFA or think you might use it in the future, this is a good utility to have around.

You can read more about DFA and other applications on DRK Volume 3 here:

2 Responses to Interacting with XML and CSV Files Using SQL

  1. ramesh says:

    i want to know ,how to count no of rows in csv file using cfmx

  2. satya says:

    how to know the no of columns in csv file using cfmx