Macromedia ColdFusion TechNote Information

First of all, our favorite TechNote writer, Debbie Dickerson, has just published a new ColdFusion TechNote entitled “How to pass login credentials to cflogin via Flash Remoting”. Here’s an excerpt:

This TechNote describes how to use Flash Remoting with ColdFusion’s built-in authentication mechanism and ColdFusion components. It shows how to use the ActionScript setCredentials method on the Flash side to pass credential information to the cflogin tag on the ColdFusion side. This TechNote assumes you are already familiar with using Flash Remoting to pass data between Flash applications and ColdFusion components. It also assumes you are familiar with application security in ColdFusion MX.

For more information and code snippets, see my blog entry, “Using cflogin with Flash Remoting“.

Secondly, the Macromedia XML News Aggregator now aggregates ColdFusion and JRun TechNotes, so you can keep up to date on technical issues while you’re reading up on what’s going on in the web development community.

8 Responses to Macromedia ColdFusion TechNote Information

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