ColdFusion MX Achieves “Java Verified” Status

Check out this story on Yahoo:

Macromedia ColdFusion MX Now ‘Java Verified’ for Portability Across J2EE Application Servers

An excerpt from the article:

Macromedia today announced that Macromedia(R) ColdFusion(R) MX has achieved “Java Verified” status under the Sun Microsystems Java Verification Program. The Java Verification Program is designed to identify enterprise applications developed with Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology that are intended to be portable across different implementations of J2EE.

You can all officially start thinking of yourselves as Java developers now!

4 Responses to ColdFusion MX Achieves “Java Verified” Status

  1. John Dowdell says:

    Say Christian, I’ve been wondering about exactly what this means… I hit the Sun verification pages and am still not sure… does it mean that it’s capable of being ported to other J2EE implementations (which we already knew), or that it will automatically work identically on any certified J2EE implementation, or does the category have some other realworld meaning…?tx,jd

  2. Christian Cantrell says:

    First and foremost, it means some good press, which is good for us all. Secondly, I think you are right in that it basically means that Sun recognizes the portability of the product. Yes, we already knew it was portable, so the intention of the post wasn’t to break the news that ColdFusion MX is portable. I just wanted to point out that Sun was now recognizing its portability, which I think is important.

  3. tc says:

    Does this mean that CFMX J2EE will run on Oracle iAS 9i, which is also J2EE compliant?Oracle states that if the app is J2EE compliant, it will run on their Applicaiton Server.Is there any move to get CFMX J2EE certified on other J2EE servers?

  4. marcy montross says:

    I’m a designer and have recently become aquainted with CF. I have many tutorials and Ben Forta’s book, but as a mac user it seems i’m S.O.L. without an app. server. Where can i find one? Is it possible to buy space on a server somewhere?