Extending The ColdFusion Administrator for the DRK

Sean Corfield recently made a post about how you can extend the ColdFusion administrator by adding your own links. Very cool, and works great (though I’m not sure yet how to add custom help files). Drew Falkman added Lindex (the Lucene Indexing Engine) from DRK 3 to his ColdFusion administrator by creating the file “extensionscustom.cfm” in the administrator directory and adding this line:

<a href="lindex/index.cfm" target="content">Lindex</a>

Drew adds:

“Note that for this to work, all of the contents of the /admin folder (in lindex) needs to be moved to cf_root/CFIDE/administrator/lindex”

Lindex already has the right look — now it can be in the right place, as well! Thanks, Drew.

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