On My Way to CFUN 2003

In a few hours, I’ll be heading up to Maryland for CFUN 2003. Judging by the list of speakers, it should be a great event. If you live in the area and have nothing else going on this weekend, stop by. Bring the kids and start them learning from some of the best in the industry.

I don’t know what kind of access I’ll have at the conference, so I may be radio-silent for a couple days, but I will post a summary of the event as soon as I’m sufficiently connected again.

2 Responses to On My Way to CFUN 2003

  1. Vinny Timmermans says:

    Christian,Do you make your “Future of Coldfusion MX” Presentation available online? Is there a link to other online CFUN presentations.?

  2. rewindlife says:

    CFUN03 – Wrap-up and some interesting information

    This was the first ColdFusion event that I have attended. It had a pretty good turn out and was a good event to go to. I was there giving two presentations (I’ll post more on those later) and was part…