PHP Support for Pinging MXNA

Robert Hall of Feasible Impossibilities has put together a PHP script for pinging MXNA, the Macromedia XML News Aggregator. If your weblog is implemented in PHP, or if you have PHP installed on a server somewhere and you want to use it to make pinging MXNA easier, you might want to check out Rob’s script.

Check out the MXNA FAQ for more information on how to ping MXNA.

You also might want to just check out the Feasible Impossibilities site if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s pretty wild. The floating hand is cool, if a little eerie with the accompanying sound effects. You can even watch Rob work on a live webcam, however he doesn’t appear to be moving too much this morning. He ought to add a “prod” button.

One Response to PHP Support for Pinging MXNA

  1. Thanks Christian! Glad you dig the hand. 🙂 Folks either love or hate the hand. I built it back when Flash 5 came out and its kind of stuck ever since. The flash portion of the site needs a drastic overhaul. I have actually focused more of my time on the html portion of my blog: webcam sometimes gets me in trouble when I tell folks I am on the phone, etc. and am actually not and they see it on the cam. :)Actually if anyone is interested they can check out an article I wrote up last July just before the Flashcom server was announced that shows you how to build a webcam in Flash just like the one on my site. Check it out on informITs site:! – Rob