Ping MXNA from ColdFusion

Scott Keene has just released MXNAPing 1.0, a ColdFusion component for pinging the Macromedia XML News Aggregator. “Pinging” refers to the process of sending MXNA an XML-RPC request with a special ID in it that tells MXNA that you have just updated your blog. MXNA then knows to go pick up your RSS feed and get your new post aggregated immediately. MXNA checks all of its feeds twice an hour, however by pinging MXNA, you can make sure your posts are picked up instantly. For more information about pinging MXNA, including instructions on how to configure Movable Type for pings, see the MXNA FAQ. For information on pinging MXNA from PHP, see Rob Hall’s recent work. Anyone want to have a go at Java support?

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