Site Statistics – An Informal Poll

What tools do people use to gather site usage statistics? WebTrends? SiteCatalyst? Home-grown Perl or shell scripts parsing Apache access logs? What are people willing to pay for these types of solutions, and how important is it to your business? If you don’t mind, when commenting, please indicate how much traffic your site gets.

10 Responses to Site Statistics – An Informal Poll

  1. pete hotchkiss says:

    WebTrands Gold.We have everything scheduled on internal servers to generate varying levels of reports (from exec summary reports through to Full detailed reports) depending on what the client is paying for.These are batched to run on weekly/monthlh basis and then uploaded into an extranet where the client has access to lastest/past reports.Webtrends is pretty much the full package. Can be a bit clunky and tempermental when it comes to filtering – but it does the job.

  2. Daniel Dura says:

    I personally like AWStats. Opensource, and feature rich.

  3. barneyb says:

    we run webalizer (opensource), have some bash/awk scripts for parsing Apache logs directly, and do a little bit of application-level logging into a database for some things. we usually hover between 50-80,000 requests a day, but spike up over a million on occasion.

  4. We use Live Stats, in a shared and dedicated hosting environment cost was something like $900.We have sites ranging from 0 to a 1.5 million requests.

  5. Geoff Bowers says:

    We use a variety of apps depending on the client — including Webtrends and Deepmetrix. More and more we simply use the stats that come as part and parcel of the underlying FarCry CMS ( system we use for a lot of our CMS deployments.

  6. Christian Cantrell says:

    I took a look at awstats. Pretty nice. Not hard to set up, and very comprehensive. I’ll check out webalizer next. Thanks for the responses.

  7. Josh Dura says:

    http://www.reinvigorate.netProbably one of the best free stats systems out there…

  8. Ad BEc says:

    Why people use those statistics? I find them quite useless. They don’t tell me what I want to know about the trafic on my site. I prefer to build my own reports of course using CF combined with CountryHawk and BrowserHawk (works with CF custom tags).

  9. Jacob says:

    We use NetTracker here at our company. Seems to do pretty much everything that we need it to.

  10. For free stats, yes, Awstats is probably the best.But if you have a budget, check out Urchin.