News From Flashforward

During the keynote at Flashforward in New York this morning, Mike Chambers announced that DRK 4 will be available to everyone (not just DevNet subscribers) for $99 when it launches this month. That means that DRK 3 and DRK 4 will be available to everyone at the same time, and will not require a subscription. Of course, you still save money by subscribing to DevNet, but at least now you have more flexibility.

Mike also demoed Macromedia Pollster, which will be available on DRK 4. The Pollster app lets you easily build polls, deploy them on your website, and both aggregate and chart responses. It is built with ColdFusion, Flash, and will come with a Dreamweaver extension to make embedding and configuring your polls easier.

Norm Meyrowitz mentioned the Royale initiative and showed and a set of very cool Flash forms that were generated just with XML. It even did navigation and data validation. You can find out more about Royale at

And of course there was Breeze Live, which I guess is best explained as a real-time meeting, presentation, and collaborative solution. Among other things, Breeze Live lets you share your desktop during a presentation, stream audio and video, and allow participants to interact in meetings. Extremely cool and powerful. You can find out more by reading the Macromedia press release.

Now I have to go work on my presentation (Integrating Macromedia Flash MX and ColdFusion) which I’m doing today at 4.