Quick Public DRK Beta

Macromedia needs your help in testing out the new Macromedia Pollster application that will be on DRK 4. The application lets you manage polls through a ColdFusion web interface, then deploy them either with a Dreamweaver extension, or just by copying and pasting a set of tags. The poll below took about 30 seconds to build and probably about another 30 seconds to deploy. Can you find any bugs or unexpected behavior? If so, please post them in the comments, and thanks for your help.

16 Responses to Quick Public DRK Beta

  1. ... says:

    It would be nice, if this poll thing would also remember what I voted for. So when I submit my vote, view the results and come back to question pane, it would say “Thank you for submitting your response. (Your response was: Too Expensive)”.

  2. good stuff,How about an archive button of previous polls and the ability to view them too?

  3. Cool!But when you move your mouse over the graphic it should highlight the match string, didn’t? And the same for the string to the graphic. It would be a very good usability upgrade, I think.

  4. I.T. Partners says:

    One usability comment: When mousing over the pie wedges, it would be nice to have the name of the choice appear along with the response stats, for the quite color-challenged.

  5. CAM says:

    When you refresh the page, the results are shown. How about adding a title that matches the poll question? (ie. a sidebar that says “Macintosh Powerbook Size”) or something to that effect.This way users can see what the results are pertaining to if they come back to this page after surfing awhile

  6. Calvin says:

    How about removing the Submit button after it has been submitted, for when the user clicks the first tab?

  7. Camilo says:

    This Pie looks sweet, when will it be ready to deliver?

  8. Christian Cantrell says:

    It will be ready this month!

  9. I would like to see a “Last up-date:” time and date stamp on this. It would help appease the sceptics who will wonder if the pie really changed or say it is ‘just a graphic’.Regards, Gordon

  10. Melvyn Song says:

    how about having it with a Access Database in the backend.

  11. Christian Cantrell says:

    The application comes with an Access database and with scripts to build a PostgreSQL database, as well.Christian

  12. They’re just PERFECT!!! and little bit of expensive too 😀

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